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Having trouble selling your junk car in Palmdale, CA? You followed all the steps, but still no offers have been made. Your ad looks great, your pictures are detailed, and the description is honest and straightforward, but you’ve gotten few responses. The only responses have been from people who think they’re doing you a favor by charging you to bring them the car.

Not cool. You’ve put money, gas, and love into your car, repairing it and taking care of all the routine maintenance. It’s only fair that you get something at the end of it all. Don’t accept just parting with your car, receiving nothing in return. Junk Car Traders thinks you should get what your junk car is worth and not a dollar less in Palmdale.

However bad its condition might be, there is still a lot of value in your junk car and we’re going to give you cash for it. Age, level of damage, and ability to run on the road or even turn on at all, does not matter to us. Wherever you live in Palmdale, we will come pick up your car and give you cash for it.

We’ll buy your car anywhere in Palmdale

We know your area. You’re close to both the big city and national forests. Two very different environments, but both requiring a car to get around. With so much nearby to do and see, why get dragged down by your junk car? Once your car’s repair bill starts creeping up to be more than the car’s value, it’s time to let go. The repair bill won’t go down and the mechanic visits will only be required more often. We’ll prevent you from spending any more money on your junk car that will never be back to its former glory.

Wherever you live in or around Palmdale, we offer junk car removal in your neighborhood.

It’s super easy to sell your junk car for cash in Palmdale, CA

What do you have to do to get cash for your junk car in Palmdale from Junk Car Traders? We guarantee that our methods are fast and easy. Our experts are here to assist you through any obstacles. We’ll even help you navigate through the DMV to get the documents needed to prove your ownership of the car.

These are the basic steps to selling your car for cash in Palmdale:

Call us with information about your car such as the make, model and what condition it’s in.

Our experts will give you a quote for how much your car is worth based on the information you give them.

Accept the quote if you’re satisfied with the amount, and we will arrange a time and day that works for you to meet our tow truck when it comes to pick up your junk car.

Be present when our tow truck shows up, sign over the ownership of the car, and get your cash.

Sounds simple enough? Thanks to our streamlined process, you could go from phone call to cash in your pocket in just one day. Our high offers and simple junk car buying process in Palmdale, CA will make you wish you’d called us sooner.

So do it. Call Junk Car Traders now at 888-492-3706!


How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.


Our Customers Love Us….. Read Our Reviews

INDIA KYSER 04/22/17

It was very easy to get rid of my car. The constant contact was very good, which made the process very easy. The only thing that I feel needs improvement is the way the car is retrieved. I believe that there needs to be a receipt at the time of the transaction. I felt uncomfortable just signing my title over without having it filled out in its entirety and being given payment without confirmation. Overall it was easy process I will recommend to others.

Monette Hurley 03/20/17

Yes I would. They where great!!!!!!

Forrest Sodergren 05/19/17

excellent experience, very professional and very easy. definitely will recommend to others, also I gave you a 5 star in yellow pages. I still can't believe your willing to offer a price to buy. I was just happy to have it towed away! I declined any money for car. its salvage not a running car.

Doug(ie Fresh) Morrison 04/21/17

The women that dealt with my chatty ass were AWESOME. I mean JESUS. You guys have a couple of aces there Sydney, and T. I think her name started with a T but my phone sucks. I play too much, so the way they handled that was an amazing breath of fresh air at this day in age. Kind, clear and fun. Whats wrong with getting work done and having some fun doing it? Im glad i found these guys. And ill certain recommend it to anyone that'll listen. Im the type of guy that gives Tylenol a headache, so their patience was great

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