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Considering the many years your car payments typically last, you’d think the car would run for a very long time. If you don’t want to pour large amounts of money into your car, paying to replace expensive worn out parts, the day will arrive when you’ll need to rid yourself of the junk car. Once it’s time to say goodbye to your worn out car, Junk Car Traders will buy it from you in Pasadena and give you cash. We understand the hassle of trying to unload a junk car using any other method than selling to Junk Car Traders. Bring in an accident damaged car to a dealership, ask to trade it in for a new car, and you’ll surely get laughed at. Then, they’ll only offer you a few dollars for the scrap metal in your car, if anything at all. Online ads that attempt to sell a car with high mileage and a motor that’s not in peak shape will sit unanswered. The type of car, condition it’s in, and amount of miles won’t keep us from making you a quick offer. You can trust Junk Car Traders because:

  • We are experienced junk car buyers with an outstanding reputation for our service and reliability
  • Our rates are among the best for junkers in Pasadena, CA
  • We offer free towing and removal
  • We’ll help you even if you don’t have a title for your car
  • Among all those reasons, when you sell us your clunker you’ll get the highest price possible!

Our area covers all of Pasadena

With the high cost of living today, keeping a junk car around isn’t the smartest thing you can do. The older your car gets, the more money you’ll have to spend on repairs–resulting in even less time driving it. Your car’s gas consumption goes up and your car begins to visit the shop more frequently. So why spend money that you need elsewhere in your life on a junker that can’t be depended on to get you from point A to B? The answer is so simple…don’t do it! Just contact Junk Car Traders for an estimate and your clunker in Pasadena can be picked up that same day.

Turn your junker into quick cash in Pasadena, CA

In less than a day, a few hundred or even thousands of dollars could be added to your wallet. Isn’t that is a lot more appealing than weeks going by before you get paid? Junk Car Traders works fast. Your time is important and we’re not interested in making you jump through hoops. We have an easy system to provide us with the information we need to buy your junk car and get your cash to you fast.

    1. Gather the papers that prove you own your car. A bill of sale, title, or registration. Copies can be requested from the California State Department of Motor Vehicles.
    2. Contact Junk Car Traders and tell us about your clunker in Pasadena, CA. We need to know the make, model, and the vehicle’s current condition to provide you with a free estimate.
    3. Be present at the day/time we arranged with you to pick up your junk car. Transfer the ownership of the car to us and get your cash on the spot!

There are no tedious, complicated steps required. No piles of forms to fill out. Our estimates are simple. We don’t charge for towing or removal services. We put cash in your hand in only 24 hours. Getting cash for your clunker in Pasadena, CA is incredibly painless. We will buy any vehicle in any condition. Give Junk Car Traders a call today to find out how much we will pay you for your junk car! 844-951-1030

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.


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Michael Martin 05/19/17

Fast response!!! Gave us a fair amount for our car. We'd highly recommend to anyone that wants to get rid of a junk car and make some money while doing so

Terri 06/15/17

Great to do business with!! Very friendly, professional and prompt!!

Greg Douglas 03/30/17

Easy process.Quick response no . Problem

Marl viola 05/19/17

Yes, great good communication, said what they where going to do, perfect

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