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Do you cringe every time you see the junk car sitting in front of your house? It’s understandable. A lot of people feel that way when they’re the (not so proud) owner of an old, rusty, beat up pile of scrap metal: that is, a junk car. Well, guess what? You can finally put an end to your junk car woes here in Springfield, IL! How? With one fast, easy phone call to Junk Car Traders.

Trade your junk car for cash

Does this describe your situation? Your vehicle needs a ton of repairs, and the cost of fixing it up would dramatically exceed the actual private party value of the car itself. If that’s your scenario, don’t waste your money! You’re much better off selling your junk car, getting a chunk of cash for it, and then putting a down payment on a vehicle that’s in way better condition.

Here’s the deal: if you call Junk Car Traders at 844-951-1030, we can provide you with a quote for your vehicle in a matter of minutes. From there, we can tow your vehicle away in less than a day. We’re not joking: with a simple five minute phone call, you can arrange to have your vehicle towed away at no cost to you by the end of the following day. And, best of all? When we retrieve your junk car, we’ll have a stock of cash ready to put in your hand!

Are you located in Westwood Forum, Irisdale, or Bunn Park? Wherever you happen to live in the Springfield area, here’s some great news: towing services are completely free! Regardless of your location, we’ll come haul away your junk car within 24 hours of the time you call us.

Get cash for your junk car now

Ready to trade your junk car for fast cash? Simply call Junk Car Traders at 844-951-1030 to get started. We’ll gather some info about your vehicle, and from there we can inform you as to the amount we’ll be able to pay. Once you’ve agreed, it’s just a matter of arranging a day and time to haul away your vehicle! Sound easy? That’s because it is!

Don’t wait another day: call Junk Car Traders right now at 844-951-1030 and get the cash you deserve!

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.

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Jennifer 06/06/17

Try to work with my convinces.

Bill Sipes 03/03/17

It all happened fast and on schedule. The price I received was better than the competition and the tow driver was very polite.

Jennifer Martinez 03/06/17

when the dealership i bought my new car from wouldn't take my old car for a trade in, I knew it was in bad shape. i knew she wasn't worthless! Junk Car Traders offered me $400 and picked her up the next day. everything was very fast! was extremely happy about that. great service from them and the towing company! excellent people to do business with.

Dennis Goldman 05/18/17

Very smooth business transaction . We agreed on a price and the next day they picked up the vehicle and handed me a check. Its hard to find business that does what they say they are going to do .......... these guys do ...Thanks for a great experience

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