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Let us pay you cash for your junk car

We know you’re a little fond of that old clunker. But, it’s time to let it go here in Louisville/Jefferson County. We know it’s hard to part ways with it, especially because you’ve already poured so much money into it. But at this point, you’ve gone through your savings trying to fix it up, and it still needs more repairs. And in the end, it doesn’t run any better than it did before.

No one expects you to just hand over your old junk car in Louisville/Jefferson County for free, though. There must be someone out there that wants to pay you cash for it, right? You’re absolutely right: there is. Lots of people sell their used car online to a private party, or to a dealership. There’s just one problem, though: those cars are in good shape. You’ll have a lot more trouble selling an old clunker like yours that doesn’t run, or that need a lot of work done on it.

But fortunately, there’s a solution: you can work with a junk car buyer in Louisville/Jefferson County. That’s where Junk Car Traders comes in. We’ll pay cash for any car: whether it’s in good shape, or whether it’s been totaled or doesn’t even start.

We’ll buy any junk car in Louisville/Jefferson County

Louisville/Jefferson County is a great area, but there’s a problem: public transit isn’t exactly the best. How do you get around the area without a car? Walking and biking aren’t realistic.

You need a car that you can rely on. You need a car that always starts, not something that breaks down constantly and gives you one hassle after another. But you need cash in order to get a better car. Don’t worry: Junk Car Traders can help. We’ll pay you cash today for your junk car, and you can use that cash as a down payment on something newer and more reliable.

We buy junk cars all over Louisville/Jefferson County. Are you in Fern Creek or Russel? What about Okolona or Valley Station? Wherever you are, we’ll pick up your junk car and put cash in your hand.

Fast cash for your clunker in Louisville/Jefferson County

Junk cars are such a huge hassle to deal with. Do you have an old clunker sitting on your property? One that won’t start? One that’s an eyesore? One that just constantly seems to have something wrong with it? Junk Car Traders can pay you cash today for it and take it off your hands in Louisville/Jefferson County.

A lot of private party buyers and dealers will only buy cars that are in good shape, and that look good to boot. Junk Car Traders doesn’t care if you car even runs, much less how old it is, what it looks like, or what model it is. As long as you have proof of ownership, we can recycle your car and pay you cash. And believe us, you’ll be happy with our offer.

Stop wasting money on your junk car and get cash for it instead! Call us now at 844-951-1030.

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.

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Joseph William Kellar 04/21/17

Quick and easy. Handed over title and keys, and they handed me a signed check.

Sandra 05/26/17

Quick and easy , cash on the spot. Nice job Thanks guys

Jennifer 06/06/17

Try to work with my convinces.

Marl viola 05/19/17

Yes, great good communication, said what they where going to do, perfect

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