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You’ve seen it coming from a mile away, and now you can’t deny it. You have to sell your junky car. It’s damaged, doesn’t run, and when it does, it’s very unreliable. Who’d want something like that? You want a good car, so does every other buyer.

Online ads didn’t get the responses you hoped for, nor the offers. So the junk car stayed where it was, taking up space in your garage in Bergen County.

You’re desperate for a newer car, that can dependably take you where you need to go. What’s left to do? Junk Car Traders has a solution for you: we give cash for junk cars like yours, remove them at no charge to you, and we do it all as quickly as the same day as you call. You could have instant cash to use for a new car. Call 888-492-3706 to learn more.

We want the junk cars of Bergen County

We know how hard it is to sell an old worn out car. The good news is that Junk Car Traders won’t turn your car down because of its poor condition. We’re after the weight of scrap metal in your car, so we can recycle it. Because of that, you get a good amount of cash for your car, despite its horrible condition.

You don’t want to rely on public transportation for longer than you absolutely need to, it’s not a long term solution. You need a reliable car that can be trusted every day. Junk Car Traders wants to help you with that. We will give you cash, and you can go new car shopping immediately.

Located just outside of Bergen County, in the areas of Paterson, Newark, or Clifton? We offer free towing to all those areas!

Accept our cash offer for your junk car today

You’ll never have to wait on a check from us because unlike other junk yards, we pay our customers in cash. No waiting at the mailbox and then at the bank, Junk Car Traders makes it easy on you by only giving cash.

Call 888-492-3706 today and hear out the highest quote you’ll get locally for your car. Once you accept, we’ll arrange the removal of your junk car, and you’ll get cash right away when our driver arrives! Simple, right? Be on your way to a stack of cash today by calling Junk Car Traders at 888-492-3706!

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.

Our Customers Love Us….. Read Our Reviews

Fred 05/30/17

Great experience. I had to get rid of a bunch of old parts from years of keeping my clunker on the road longer than it had any right to be there and they took those away too. Very easy process.

Melissa Smith 03/28/17

You really do not pay enough for the cars that you can take.

Jennifer 06/06/17

Try to work with my convinces.

Jennifer Martinez 03/06/17

when the dealership i bought my new car from wouldn't take my old car for a trade in, I knew it was in bad shape. i knew she wasn't worthless! junkAcar offered me $400 and picked her up the next day. everything was very fast! was extremely happy about that. great service from them and the towing company! excellent people to do business with.

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