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It’s here! The day has finally come! What are we talking about? Why, selling your junk car, of course. The time is now: you need to get rid of that old clunker as soon as possible. We’re talking on the double! The problem, though, is that you’re not sure how much it’s actually worth. You know that dealerships are offering you next to nothing for it. That much is obvious. But, you’re not sure whether the offers coming in from private buyers and junk yards are legit, or if you could get more for your vehicle.

Well, we’ve got an easy solution for you: just call Junk Car Traders at 888-492-3706! We can beat any other price in the Carlsbad, NM area. When you call us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best offer in town for your junk car. We don’t even care what kind of shape your vehicle is in! No matter how beat up or lousy it looks to the average buyer, Junk Car Traders is ready to give you serious cash for it!

We’ll buy your Carlsbad junk car

It’s not unusual as a junk car seller to encounter buyers who try and swindle you. One after another will offer to pay you next to nothing, and it can be a bit discouraging to say the least. Fortunately, selling your clunker doesn’t have to turn out that way! You can get real cash for your junk car, so long as you choose the right buyer.

In Carlsbad, NM, the right buyer is Junk Car Traders. We’re a national company that buys junk cars left and right all across the United States. It doesn’t matter to us if you have an SUV, a van, a station wagon, or any other type of vehicle. No matter what, Junk Car Traders is ready to put cash in your hand for it today!

Are you in Whites CIty, La Huerta, Four Forks, or San Jose? Regardless of what part of Carlsbad you live in, call Junk Car Traders and get cash for your junk car!

Don’t hesitate: call Junk Car Traders now at 888-492-3706!

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.

Our Customers Love Us….. Read Our Reviews

Chris Brown 03/11/17

Made entire transaction very easy.

Rosalynn 04/19/17

Easy experience. Called gave them information about car and location. Driver contacted me when he was on the way. They even worked with me without a title as long as I had my registration.

Marl viola 05/19/17

Yes, great good communication, said what they where going to do, perfect

INDIA KYSER 04/22/17

It was very easy to get rid of my car. The constant contact was very good, which made the process very easy. The only thing that I feel needs improvement is the way the car is retrieved. I believe that there needs to be a receipt at the time of the transaction. I felt uncomfortable just signing my title over without having it filled out in its entirety and being given payment without confirmation. Overall it was easy process I will recommend to others.

Need a new title or registration we can help. We can often buy cars without titles or find you local DMV in the list below:
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