Our nationwide network of local junk and salvage yards will pay the highest price for you old, junk, wrecked or just plain tired car.

We Buy Junk Cars Across the Country

We buy cars, trucks and RV’s in any condition, even if they haven’t run in years.  We are committed to providing the best customer service and towing is always free.

We will send a qualified tow truck to you at a time that fits you schedule.  Receive payment at the time pick up your junk car.  Read our Satisfaction Guarantee for more information on how far we will go to make sure you are thrilled with the transaction.

Our quoting specialists understand your market and will pay the highest price we can based on the age and condition of your junk car or truck.  Sell you junk car to Junk Car Traders.

If you junk car is less than 15 years old we can probably pay much more than you ever thought your car is worth.  Contact us today and find out how much your car is worth.

Check the list below for your state.  Our experts will pay top dollar for your junk car.   Call today 800-229-0921

Junk Car Cash Today

Get paid cash for your junk car

Ready to turn your junk car into thousands of dollars? Great!  Whether you have a station wagon, SUV, van, compact car, or any other kind of vehicle, we’ll gladly give you cash for it. Working with us couldn’t be simpler. Just give us a quick call, and we’ll quote you a price for your vehicle in a matter of minutes. After you’ve agreed to our quote, we can come tow away your vehicle straight away! Plus, towing is free!

We pay the most cash

Every car eventually reaches junk car status. There’s just no way to avoid it. If you’re sick and tired of driving a junk car around, simply call Junk Car Traders. We’ll set up a good time to come and retrieve your vehicle, and you’ll get cash at the same time.

What makes Junk Car Traders the best National Junk Car Buyer near you?

  1. Pay the most for junk cars
  2. Use current scrap prices to determine the amount we can pay
  3. Guarantee our quotes from the time they’re calculated until the moment we tow your vehicle
  4. Offering free towing to all of our customers
  5. Pay cash for vehicles every time

Common questions from junk car owners

What’s the deal with selling a junk car?

Selling your junk car is incredibly simple. Junk Car Traders will arrange a convenient time to come and pick up your junk car. We’re happy to make things work with your schedule. Plus, if you call us early enough in the day, we’re often able to tow your vehicle away before the day’s end!

Is there paperwork involved?

Simply put, we need you to provide proof that you’re the owner of your vehicle. So long as you have your title and registration, you’re good to go!

Should I be home when you come to tow my junk car?

It’s important that you’re present when we arrive to tow your vehicle away. Why? Well, we want to pay you for it on the spot! You’ll need to sign the title over to us, at which point we can give you cash immediately.

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