South Carolina, let us buy your junk car

Your car has seen road after road, mile after mile, signpost after signpost. You’ve made memories in it. You identify with that old clunker. You’ve spent many an hour in it. But, the time has come to say goodbye to it. At this point, the cost of maintaining it vastly exceeds its value. It’s finally time to sell it and get what you can for it here in South Carolina. Of course, you need to get something back out of it. You can’t just scrap it and walk away with nothing in your pocket. Fortunately, it’s possible to get top dollar for it. How? Just call Junk Car Traders at 888-492-3706. We pay max cash for junk cars all across South Carolina, no matter what condition they’re in. If your clunker is beat up, rusted out, or totaled, don’t worry: we’ll still pay cash for it on the spot.

We’ll buy any junk car in South Carolina

Whether you’re in Charleston, Columbia, Spartanburg, or a rural part of South Carolina, you know how important it is to own a reliable vehicle. Public transit just doesn’t cut it. You need something reliable. Fortunately, no matter where you are in South Carolina, Junk Car Traders will haul away your clunker at no cost to you. Yes, it’s true: Junk Car Traders will tow away your junk car and pay you cash for it right then and there! It couldn’t be easier.

Get cash for your South Carolina clunker

It couldn’t be easier to sell your junk car to Junk Car Traders. Just call us at 888-492-3706, answer a couple easy questions, and next thing you know we’ll put cash in your hand. Easy as that! Are you ready to say goodbye to your junk car? Call Junk Car Traders at 888-492-3706!

Aiken – cash for your junk car

We pay cash for junk cars Have you decided it’s time for a new vehicle? Congrats! That’s always exciting, isn’t it? Oh, except for the fact that there’s a problem: you’ve got an old junk car in your garage. Before you can get something new, you need to …

Anderson – top dollar for junk cars

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Beaufort – cash in your junk car

We pay max cash for Beaufort junk cars You’ve done your best, but at this point you’ve got to face the music: you need to sell your clunker. We understand that it’s not an easy thing to do, but you can’t avoid the fact that your vehicle is no longer fu …

Charleston – we buy your junk cars

Have a junk car to sell? Even the most responsible car owner may one day have a junk car to sell for cash. How come? Cars don’t last forever. Many years of daily driving and long distance trips wear on your car and one day it will turn into more of a m …

Columbia – get paid cash for your clunker

We’ll pay you cash for your junk car Did you finally get a new car but have no room to store it because your old junky car is taking up space? Maybe you’re past the two-seater car stage and need something bigger for your growing family? Did you know yo …

Easley – trade your junk car for cash

Easy money for your junk car Are you convinced that it’s possible to sell your junk car online? You’re thinking that all you’ll have to do is get on your computer, create an online classified ad, and then the offers will come streaming in? Well, if you …

Fort Mill – easy cash for junk cars

Sell your junk car today Do you have an old junk car in your garage that’s past its prime? If so, we’ve got a solution for you. Just call Junk Car Traders and get major cash for it! We’ll buy any junk car in the Fort Mill area. You may think your junk …

Greenville – get cash for your junk car

The best price in town for your junk car Look outside: do you see a junk car? Is there a junky old vehicle sitting in your garage, or taking up room in your driveway? If so, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, if you’re located in the Greenville, …

Lancaster – sell your junk car the easy way

We buy junk cars in Lancaster, SC Do you have an old vehicle that’s been totaled in an accident? Or, have you got an old junk car on your hands that refuses to start? Maybe your vehicle’s practically falling apart, and it looks worse by the day. Regard …

Moncks Corner – sell your junk car and get cash

Rapid cash for junk cars Here’s the unfortunate truth: spending money on trying to fix up an old junk car is the same as throwing it out the window. If you’re wasting your cash on an old clunker, stop! You can get rid of it right here and now, and get …

Mount Pleasant – max cash for your junk car

Get easy cash for your clunker Sitting on a junk car here in Mount Pleasant? You’ve tried private party buyers, dealerships, scrap yards, junk yards, and other outlets, but no one wants to buy it. What’s your next move? Simple: just call Junk Car Trade …

Myrtle Beach – get cash for your junk car

We’ll buy your junk car in Myrtle Beach Here in Myrtle Beach, quite a few junk car owners are convinced that they vehicle isn’t worth any cash. And, they figure that if they tried to sell it, it’d probably turn out to be a huge pain in the neck. Do you …

North Charleston – paying top dollar for scrap cars

Junk Car Traders are your junk car experts in North Charleston Are you looking for an easy way to make extra cash? Have some bills you want to take care of, or looking to get away for the weekend? Junk Car Traders is paying anywhere from $250 to $5000 …

North Myrtle Beach – fast cash for your junk car

We’ll pay cash for your North Myrtle Beach clunker We’ve got good news and bad news. Bad news first. Here’s the bad news: you’ve got a beat up old junk car on your hands. And it’s seen better days. But, here’s the good news: Junk Car Traders will put c …

Rock Hill – paying cash for junkers

There’s an easy way to get cash from your clunker Have a junk car that’s weighing on your mind in Rock Hill? Every attempt so far to sell it hasn’t worked out. You’ve tried private parties, junkyards, and online ads, all to no results. What’s left to d …

Seneca – rapid cash for junk cars

Sell your junk car today Have you neglected the responsibility of selling your junk car? Well, no one’s blaming you. It’s a pain trying to sell a clunker, isn’t it? It used to be, but now things have changed. Why? Because Junk Car Traders has completel …

Spartanburg – major cash for junk cars

Goodbye junk car, hello cash You know you’ve got a junk car on your hands. You’ve come to terms with it. You’ve wasted so much money on it that you prefer not to even think about it at this point. Still, though, you’ve decided that it’s time to sell it …

Sumter – get cash for your junk car

Quick cash for your junk car Are you looking to get rid of a junk car ASAP? You’re not alone! A lot of people end up in your situation. Here’s a little secret, though: while here may be a lot of approaches to selling a junk car, only one of them is the …

Walterboro – sell your junk car easily

Major cash for your junk car in Walterboro Have you had enough of the clunker that’s parked in your garage? Well, we say “parked,” but that’s not entirely accurate. After all, “parked” implies that if you wanted to, you could start it up, shift gears f …

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Doug(ie Fresh) Morrison 04/21/17

The women that dealt with my chatty ass were AWESOME. I mean JESUS. You guys have a couple of aces there Sydney, and T. I think her name started with a T but my phone sucks. I play too much, so the way they handled that was an amazing breath of fresh air at this day in age. Kind, clear and fun. Whats wrong with getting work done and having some fun doing it? Im glad i found these guys. And ill certain recommend it to anyone that'll listen. Im the type of guy that gives Tylenol a headache, so their patience was great

Forrest Sodergren 05/19/17

excellent experience, very professional and very easy. definitely will recommend to others, also I gave you a 5 star in yellow pages. I still can't believe your willing to offer a price to buy. I was just happy to have it towed away! I declined any money for car. its salvage not a running car.

Scott Belkin 05/19/17


Greg Douglas 03/30/17

Easy process.Quick response no . Problem

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2008 Subaru Impreza$550
2008 Suzuki Forenza$250
2008 Chrysler Aspen$650
2007 Chevrolet Malibu$200
2006 Nissan Altima$275
2006 Dodge Stratus$200
2005 Ford Escape$250
2005 Ford F550SD$1,250
2005 Chrysler 300$350
2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty$900
2005 Chrysler Sebring$200
2004 Audi A8$500
2004 Dodge Durango$315
2004 Chrysler Sebring$200
2003 Dodge Dakota$300
2003 Honda Civic$250
2002 Ford F-150$350
2002 Toyota Corolla$225
2002 Saturn L-Series$200
2001 Cadillac DeVille$200
2000 Chevrolet Tahoe$225
2000 Ford Escort$200
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