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Why not get cash for your junky car?

Depressed by how long it’s taking you to get offers on your junky car in Texas City? Chasing down leads and phoning junk yards is frustrating. There’s a way out. We have a solution to selling a junk car and collecting the most cash possible. Call Junk Car Traders today and receive a free instant estimate on your junk car. Even if you want to make a donation of your car, we’ll assist you with that process!

We want the junk care you have in Texas City

Your car has been a faithful companion through the years, but now the only thing it does faithfully is visit the repair shop, at an enormous cost. How about selling us the car instead of wasting more of your hard earned money on repairs that won’t make the car better for long?

Running or dead, we want to buy your car. You’ll get cold hard cash for it, we don’t discriminate based on the type, model or make. We even tow the car for free in Texas City, so you don’t have to wonder about what to do with your car past giving us a call.

Do you have your car’s registration and title? We’ll help with signing over the car to us without involving the DMV office. You’ll only have to take back your plates to the DMV once you’ve sold the car. Everything has been made streamlined and simple so you won’t have any hassles with the process. Your junk car will be off your mind, and your pocket will have a new stack of cash. Call us and hear more info!

Junk Car Traders has the answers to how to sell your junk car

We’ve made selling your junker simple. No games of phone tag with scrap yards, hunting all over town for the best offers, and we handle all the hard details. Our cash offers for junk cars speak for themselves. We remove the car, find the best scrap yards to send it to, and take care of all the specifics.


Many junk car buyers aren’t very honest with their customers, so it’s hard to tell when you’re being gimmicked into accepting too little money for their car. Our experts are well aware of the market prices for scrap metal, so you don’t have to do hours of independent research. Don’t wait to give us a call and ask us all the questions you have about our process. You’ll get the best offer on your car, and free car removal. Call us first before you’re exhausted by chasing your tail trying to sell your junk car by other methods. Call Junk Car Traders and hear your free estimate!

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.


Our Customers Love Us….. Read Our Reviews

Conchetta 03/31/17

I would tell them about the experience i had with this company from every person I talked to was very polite and the time was ok even the towed truck driver was on point will do business with you again

Fred 05/30/17

Great experience. I had to get rid of a bunch of old parts from years of keeping my clunker on the road longer than it had any right to be there and they took those away too. Very easy process.

Claude Edward Grooms 06/16/17

The service was promt and the driver was courteous and professional, I would use it again.

linda dubois 03/31/17

Excellent experience. Price for car is exactly what was quoted.

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